Beard Care And Soul Care

I have a beard. I’ve had a beard of some kind for most of my adult life. I’ve been stopped on the street, in an airport, and restaurants to talk about my beard. Many of those conversations have lead to some pretty interesting spiritual conversations as well. A number of years ago, I shave it all off and it freaked my kids out. It was particuallry distressing to my daughter. Never again.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that beards, especially as they get longer, take some work. To have a well groomed beard, it involves washing, combing, trimming to get the shape you want, beard oils, and beard balms to take appropriate care of it. My beard grows pretty wild. It get’s wavy when it is longer, and it is difficult to keep from looking too unruly. It needs to be regularly attended to in order to look it’s best. Admittedly, I don’t regularly do the things I should to keep it looking it’s best. I get busy and don’t care for it as I should. The same thing can happen with my soul as well.

Great beard care is pretty similar to great soul care. They both require committment, time, resources, and energy on our part. If I want a good looking beard or if I want a soul that is well cared for, I have to make the choice to care for them. I have to do the work. The work isn’t always easy or fun. It will take up time that I might not always want to give. A great beard doesn’t happen by accident. A well managed soul doesn’t happen by accident either.

Questions for Reflection;

  1. How are you at managing your personal soul care?
  2. Are you taking steps to have a well maintaind soul?
  3. Do you have good habits that are meant to establish and mainatian a healthy soul?



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