Writing Is Hard

I struggle to write. Keeping up with this blog providing regular posts a few times a week has been a true exercise in discipline for me. Writing doesn’t come naturally to me. I have to work very hard at it. I don’t type well. I don’t spell well. I am terrible at editing my own stuff. I frequently use the wrong to/too. I end sentences with prepositions.  I don’t know if that’s breaking rules anymore. This kind of content creation is difficult work for me. Some posts have gotten 2 or 3 reads and others have a whole lot more. I wonder on occasion if the work is worth it because the discipline it takes for me to be just a little successful at this is so high.

However, I found the routine of blogging has added an extra dimension to my faith formation that I did not expect. The discipline of writing a short blog post a few times a week has helped me understand the value of being disciplined. I’ve always known there are things that I should do that I don’t love because they are good for me. Eating vegetables, exercise, and running errands are just a few of those things that I don’t love but have significant value to my well being. I am discovering that even though I may not love the process, the discipline of doing it carries value.

I have learned that I don’t necessarily love the writing process, but I love that there are people at the other end that have been helped by what I have created. I also love the satisfaction of completing something even though it might not be exactly as I would like it to be.

I have a small audience, but the feedback I have gotten from them has been wonderful. So…thank you to those who keep reading. You have been a big part of my faith journey these last several months and I thank you for your faithfulness in reading. I’d love for you to keep reading.

As I continue to learn the value of this discipline in my life, I am reminded that there are other disciplines that are valuable to my faith formation that I neglect because I don’t love them. These disciplines are beneficial to me, but they are easily ignored because I don’t want to do them. In case you were wondering, fasting is one of those disciplines that I need to be more intentional about.

May we each lean into the spiritual disciplines, especially the ones that are difficult for us. There is much to be learned from them, even if we don’t always see immediate results.

Question for Reflection:

  1. What disciplines do you avoid because you don’t love them or because they make you uncomfortable?



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